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Tool Selection

Posted by Tamara Hagen on 31 December 2008

I have a bad habit of continuing to collect resources, believing that the PERFECT one is around the corner.  I’m trying to change that (less brainstorming, more action) so … I’ve chosen:

  • WordPress for my blog (b/c iPhone app)
  • Edublogs for class blogs (B/c WordPress + designed for education)
  • Wikispaces for a wiki (b/c free educator accounts)
  • Both Diigo and for social bookmarking
  • Protopage for virtual desktop (b/c shared class tab + student group tab)
  • GoogleReader for the RSS aggregator

There are still a lot of questions about HOW I’m going to use these tools.  There are two layers of usage I need to plan — personal use as a lifelong learner and with classes.   It’s obvious that I need to use them personally before introducing them to classes, but I don’t want to wait too long and risk losing the excitement factor.  I don’t want to dive right in either, since I risk losing my students’ motivation and good will to learn WITH me if that learning appears unfocused or chaotic.


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And we’re off …

Posted by Tamara Hagen on 30 December 2008

This class has the potential to catapult our students into their exciting futures in the new 21st century flat world.  We will complete a PBL project each quarter, focusing on social and environmental problems of the students’ choosing.  

Geographic Information System (GIS) technology is a central tool.   Each social or environmental problem will have to be “mappable,” meaning we can tie a database to geographic location.  To learn more, check out

Integrating the Web 2.0 tools I’ve been reading about this holiday break is what’s got me all aflutter.  Wikis, blogs, social bookmarking, personal desktops (e.g. Protopages or PageFlakes), podcasting, screencasting, RSS and Twitter, oh my!

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