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Learning Splash Over[load]

Posted by Tamara Hagen on 3 July 2009

How ironic that that my last post was about Web 2.0 overload, considering it was six months ago. I’ve found my research style is to collect lots of information, let it marinate, and then let the great ideas come. I did the research and marinating over Christmas break and then got started. But I didn’t just dip my toe into Web 2.0, I cannonballed into the pool!

Cannonball splash

I’ve learned a lot in the six months and I wish I had been blogging all along, but … I’ll try to dry off, replenish the splashed out water in the pool, and reflect now.

Some of the lessons are simple ones — give students a standard way to create their login name so that you don’t end up with poohbear42 commenting on your blog, and then Suzy getting mad because she didn’t get credit for her post.

Many of my students are digital immigrants due to their living in the “hood” of the city of Academic Achievement. This means that they won’t understand that a link in green with a dotted line under it is a link, since in their limited experience links have to be blue and/or underlined with a solid line. If they need that link for the assignment …

And most importantly, students will find the profile part of a WetPaint wiki far more important than the academic stuff you are making them do. Definately not thinking about a Ning for my class next year!!!


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