Activist Workshop in Web 2.0

Using GIS and Other Technologies to Grow Student Activism

Tool Selection

Posted by Tamara Hagen on 31 December 2008

I have a bad habit of continuing to collect resources, believing that the PERFECT one is around the corner.  I’m trying to change that (less brainstorming, more action) so … I’ve chosen:

  • WordPress for my blog (b/c iPhone app)
  • Edublogs for class blogs (B/c WordPress + designed for education)
  • Wikispaces for a wiki (b/c free educator accounts)
  • Both Diigo and for social bookmarking
  • Protopage for virtual desktop (b/c shared class tab + student group tab)
  • GoogleReader for the RSS aggregator

There are still a lot of questions about HOW I’m going to use these tools.  There are two layers of usage I need to plan — personal use as a lifelong learner and with classes.   It’s obvious that I need to use them personally before introducing them to classes, but I don’t want to wait too long and risk losing the excitement factor.  I don’t want to dive right in either, since I risk losing my students’ motivation and good will to learn WITH me if that learning appears unfocused or chaotic.


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